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Love, protection, history, faith and peace. A few words that inspire Australian designer Sue Sensi and her exquisitely unique jewellery collection.
Since launching officially in 2003, we at Sue Sensi have prided ourselves in delivering quality, creative, and fashion forward jewellery, which has helped us grow to be the much loved Australian brand we are today.
Our designs each feature an Evil Eye charm, paying homage to Ancient traditions that have lasted for thousands of years. This charm is believed to safeguard the wearer from negative energy if it falls off. We offer a diverse range of captivating pieces showcasing the Eye and many other charms, ensuring that there is always something new and exciting to discover.
 Above all else, every day we strive to delight our customers by delivering an overall exceptional customer experience that exceeds your expectations at every level.
Worn to protect and bring good luck 🧿


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