Ring sizing chart

Bracelet sizes

Women’s bracelets are approx.18cm which is the average size.

Elastic or cord bracelets are a better choice they fit everyone.

Children’s bracelets are 15cm for ages around 5-12 yrs. *WARNING...our jewellery is not suitable for children under 5 years of age for safety reasons. We highly recommend not to put bracelets on younger children.

Men’s are approx. 19-20cm.


Care Instructions

Please handle your Sue Sensi jewellery with love & care.

We strive to provide the highest quality in our jewellery. Our jewellery is Sterling Silver .925.Some pieces have platinum plated on top which makes it even higher quality.

Keep all jewellery away from perfume, water, fake tan,hand sanitisers or any cleaning products as it can change the colour of it.

If your Sterling Silver jewellery oxidises, you can easily get rid of the dark marks and tarnish with a silver cloth it will be brand new again.

Our sterling silver is of the highest quality .925, our gold filled beads if looked after they will not fade. The charms and the Sue Sensi tag that are18kt gold are plated on top of sterling silver they will fade. Keep clean after each wear with a silver cloth.We take no responsibly if they fade,sorry.

All the beads are semi-precious. The red coral & turquoise are a dyed stone please do not wear them in water or spray perfume on them.

An Evil Eye charm is placed on most pieces of jewellery. “If the eye charm falls off it has protected you from negative energy,” it has done its purpose! New eyes can be purchased online.

*Wall tiles do not hang outside as they are made from plaster.

*WARNING....Candles, it's very dangerous to burn a candle to the very bottom of glass jar, you must stop burning a candle 2cm from the bottom as it can start a fire or the glass shattering.

Thank you

Love Sue Sensi xx