Care Instructions.

Care instructions.

Please handle your Sue Sensi jewellery with love & care.

Keep all jewellery away from perfume, water or hairspray.

We strive to provide the highest quality in our jewellery.

All the beads are semi-precious.

The red coral & turquoise are a dyed stone please do not wear them in water or spray perfume on it.

Our jewellery is Sterling Silver .925 except the Greek coins are silver plated on the colour bracelets only.

All crystals are Swarovski. Gold/ Rose Gold vermeil is 18kt plated with sterling silver as a base metal.

With care it will last .We do not take responsibility if it changes colour.

Gold/ Rose Filled beads will last and not fade.

An eye charm is placed on most pieces of jewellery.

“If the eye charm falls off it has protected you from

negative energy,” it has done its purpose! New eyes can

be purchased from your local stockist or the website.

Thank you, love Sue xx