• Heston Blumenthal
    Fat Duck
  • Gamble Breaux
    Real Housewives of Melbourne
  • Jason Lewis
    Sex and the City
  • Elle Ferguson & Tash Sefton
    Bloggers Elle Ferguson & Tash Sefton
  • Janet Roach
    The Real housewives of Melbourne
  • Harrison Craig
    Harrison Craig from the Voice
  • Sam Frost
    Gorgeous Sam Frost from the Bachelor Australia loves wearing Sue Sensi xx
  • Scott & Byron
    Scott & Byron From Masterchef
  • Bars & Melody
    Bars & Melody from Britain’s got talent .
  • Jaason Simmons
    Actor from Bay Watch Jaason Simmons.
  • Helen Kapalos
    Helen Kapalos Australian Journalist & Tv presenter.
  • Jo Silvani
    TV presenter Jo Silvani
  • George Calombaris
    George Calombaris from Master Chef.
  • Henry Roth
    Fashion guru & presenter Henry Roth
  • Gamble Breaux
    The Real Housewives of Melbourne Gamble Breux.
  • Kostas Mandylor
    American Actor from Saw Kostas Mandylor
  • Toni Trucks
    Sue met Toni Trucks from breaking Dawn.x
  • Brodie Harper
    Beautiful Celebrity TV presenter from Channel 9 Brodie Harper wearing her Sue Sensi jewellery at Flemington races. xx
  • Lisa Hamilton
    www.seewantshop.blogspot.com loves Sue Sensi. X
  • Fashion Blogger
    Beautiful model @sphilippoussis #LA #blogger wearing #suesensi #evileye necklace
  • Gina Liano.
    Sue Sensi proudly sponsored Gina Lianos (Real house wives of Melbourne) Girls night in cancer event. Gina wearing the pink rose quartz bracelet. x
  • Ruby Rose
    Ruby Rose wearing the Eye candy necklace in the Maybeline commercial NY. xx
  • Fashion Journal Shoot
    Fashion Journal shoot out now wearing Sue Sensi new hand chain and chain reaction cross bracelet. xx
  • Jacob Diamond
    Sue ,met Jacob Diamond from Fast & Furious at the MTV awards.
  • True Blood Fans
    Fans of Sue Sensi Jewellery. Sue met Jacob Diamond and Blake Graves from True Blood at the MTV movie awards LA . x
  • Leeza Gibbons
    Beautiful Leeza Gibbons wearing a Sue Sensi necklace on Good Morning America. SS x
  • Griffin Gluck
    Sue met Griffin Gluck from private practice x


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